Fancy Dinner date with Luke by l-a-gurl99 featuring black high heel shoes ❤ liked on PolyvoreNew Look short evening dress, $48 / Fake leather jacket, $60 / Black high heel shoes, $48 / Tory Burch mini leather handbag / Tory Burch bracelet bangle / Me Ro black skull bracelet / Double layer necklace / Diane Von Furstenberg leather iphone case / Voluminous mascara, $2.60 / BHCosmetics waterproof pencil eyeliner

  • Me: *post selfie on Pinterest*
  • Pinterest: OMG ur so pretty!!
  • haters: ur so ugly
  • Me: ok :( *goes to mirror*
  • Mirrors reflection: you are the ugliest person alive!
  • Pinterest: YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!! Stay strong pretty
  • Me: *goes to mirror again*
  • Mirror: just plain ugly. I feel bad for us. We are so freaking ugly